Konya Pulses, established in 1998, has been continuing its activities with the name KONBAKSAN since 2005. Our company is safe ,experienced and honest staff with its own capital is created and continues to operate. Our company has advanced technology, high quality equipment that can process pulses.

Konbaksan, which has reached to the level of technology and manufacturing which evolves according to the market and economic conditions in a very short time, it has a principle that keeps its prices constant despite rising prices in price transitions and reflects the falling market conditions instantly to its customers. The aim is to generate revenue by lowering production costs and increasing quality.

KONBAKSAN supplies its products from Afyon, Akşehir, Beyşehir, Doğanhisar, Ilgın, Bozkır, Karaman and Çumra regions, which are produced in the most fertile lands of Anatolia, in agreement and make them ready with the most advanced technologies in the world.